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The Hill of Lions




Those are the words that come to mind as I approach the Hill of Lions.

It is late evening. The sun is setting fast, which makes me just a bit scared. The African in me still nurtures a healthy fear of wildlife, so I keep the car windows rolled up most of the time. I open them periodically to let in the fresh forest and lake air, but whenever I spot a family of monkeys or a troop of baboon, back up the windows go. I don’t trust wild animals.

The KWS wardens at the entrance to the park were surprisingly helpful, professional and welcoming, a refreshing surprise in my humble opinion.

I soon arrive at Sarova Lion Hill; my destination.

Again. I’m in for a surprise. The staff are amazingly welcoming and helpful. As a Kenyan, and a black Kenyan at that, I always expect discrimination at such establishments, as often happens at the coast. Here there is none of that. There is a troop of tourists arriving at the same time as me, yet the service I am accorded makes me feel special and wanted.

Ascending the pathway to my room, I again feel those two words: Peace and Serenity.

I was last here a decade ago. Came for a retreat for the organisation I was working for. It was a packed and rushed visit. Not like now.

Now I can savour every moment and every sight. The silent beauty of the pathways, the subtle elegance and beauty of my room. Speaking of which, my room is aptly named ‘Justicia’. I chuckle at the coincidence.

The the food. I cannot over emphasize this: Sarova never disappoints in the food section. Never. Be it the Sarovca Stanley smack in the middle of the Nairobi Central Business District, or the Sarova Panafric or now Sarova Lion Hill.

The food never disappoints.

It is glorious, and I gorge myself. From the freshly cut salads to the deliciously delightful meats it is a heavenly pleasure.

I always hear that Lion Hill is a treat for a bird watchers and I saw why. Dozens of bird species dot the area. One beautiful little bird flew into the dining room during breakfast and landed right on my table. Hopping around while cautiously appraising me, after a moment or three, it quickly made off with a bright red packet of sweetener, leaving me laughing.

I have loads more positive things to say about my visit to Sarova Lion Hill, but dear reader, allow me to end here. All I can say is that wish you at least once have the exquisite pleasure of experiencing this heavenly establishment.