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A Little Used Secret

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most profound. Many times, the most obvious things are often ignored. A god percentage of the time the most common sense principles are the ones most disregarded. Perhaps it’s because we are so intent on making a living that we forget about making a life.

One of the most forgotten principles for personal success is a word ignored by almost everyone – Goodwill. It is a principle so under used, but so powerful, that it could take us to the heights of success. It remains underused because people overlook the disarming power disguised in subtle terms such as compassion, kindness, empathy, unselfishness and caring.

In marketing classes in MBA School, we learned many useful things about advertising strategy, marketing to consumers, studying statistics of a sales campaign and getting the order. To this day, I use the tools of the trade to help me in my business. But one thing that hardly anyone hardly touched upon was the concept of ‘Goodwill’

Goodwill is not just a number on the accountant’s balance sheet, but an invisible little used tool that all of us have at our disposal. Let me explain. Most of us could help solve someone else’s problems, either with a telephone call, an introduction or referral, signature or other obvious mean. But we refuse to do it. Why? Let me tell you why. Because we feel there is nothing in it for us! Or we are afraid to get involved.

Let me tell you a true story. It was many years ago. A young woman walked into my assistant’s office. She was looking for a job, but we had none to offer. Just the week before, all job vacancies had been filled. At the request of my assistant, I spoke with the young woman. She only wanted to work for the summer and then would complete her last semester of graduate school and return home to her country. She had been looking for a summer job for almost four weeks. No one wanted to hire her and train her to work for such a short period of time.

I remembered my days as a graduate student and felt her anxiety. Although there was no sound business reason to do so, I told my assistant to create an office job for her. After all, she needed help and it felt good to help someone without figuring out what was in it for me. I hardly saw her until her last day when she came into my office to say goodbye. She thanked me again for the job and handed me a business card.

“This is my father’s card,” she said, “If you ever visit my country, call my dad, he’d be very happy to meet you. I’ve told him about how kind you and your employees were to me. In my country, my dad is a government minister.”

And that’s how I ended having lunch with the mayor of Nairobi, dinner with the Vice President of Kenya and making business alliances that brought my company profits hundreds of times greater than the salary we had paid for summer help. On top of that, I enjoyed going on photo safari to the Serengeti Plains of East Africa, walking along the beaches of Mombasa and sipping Pimms#3 at the Mount Kenya Safari Club.

This is not an isolated case. It’s just one of the more obvious ones. You can never tell who will lead you to that next contact, that profitable contract or the added financing you were looking for. It is important that we treat everyone with dignity and respect. REMEMBER: Business does not do business with other businesses. People do business with people.

The internet is not about computers, technology or even marketing. That would be like saying cars are about the internal combustion engine and the laws of thermodynamics. The internet is about people and communications. If we communicate with honesty and feelings, we’d find that most others respond in kind.

So whenever the opportunity arises, do something for someone else who is powerless to do it alone. Don’t worry about what you are going to get out of it. The Universe has a way of repaying in ways far too strange to understand. Earn “goodwill” and you will prosper beyond belief.

~ John Harricharan


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Let Us

Lets Keep It In Our Hearts:

Had I already felt the distance mortally created between our souls yet chose to fight it for the benefit of doubt? Has it now gotten to the precise point in decisive time where the cards have to be laid on the table and cognitive aspects brushed away; I am terrified as never before in this lifetime-as a newly born infant coming into this world and without the privilege of the common mammalian senses. What will I do hereafter, where will I go, who will I turn to-who will ever understand me unto the degree that you did, who will I share an expendable sense of humor with? I had remastered the art of being alive again (thanks to you) and that is why it was extremely easy for me to stay true to you. What will this natural pump also known as the heart do besides its assigned natural task? I understand that it’s selfish of me to expect you to stay while you have alternate future plans for your foundation-besides we all have to look out for our personal betterment but didn’t I prove that I am there for you during every milestone of your life-every hurdle, every success, every self-doubt and every ticking second though not physically due to our nature of geographical borders and still want to be there for the forthcoming-isn’t that precisely what everyone out here is struggling (just) to get a fraction of? Will this process push me deeper into the introvert abyss? I am now tossed into a very dark and dense material pool and have to wade without direction as I await my personal social result at the end of the line. All in all, it was the best journey I made and I totally appreciate it all. The memories we built in such a short timeframe are solid enough to leave me smiling for an eon and eons to come. I thank you for at-least granting me the opportunity to co-create and live in the small world we built. Will you be safe and alright? Will you be able to sleep feeling safe in this world? Will you be able to wake up with the feeling that at any given time someone out there cares about your well being? Will you be able to expose your full smile potential wholeheartedly? Will you be able to dance not from your feet but your soul? Will you be able to walk around environs without fear of being sabotaged by malicious beings? The much that I learnt from being with you is that you actually will be able to achieve all these feats and I respect you for it. I know that we can still be good friends and even in that spectrum, I will try to be the most reliable friend you can have and hopefully also build another little world in that regard. You will stay in a very special corner of my existence.

~Eric Sasia


Eric Sasia blogs at ericsasia.wordpress.com

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Of Conversations with Cats


They normally say that if you want a pet that will treat you like a god or a hero, get a dog. If you want a pet that will treat you as an equal, get a pig. If you want a pet that will see you as its slave, get a cat. The gem that follows is from a short story by Saki.

Mavis Pellington, a guest at a dinner party, has just discovered that her host’s cat, Tobermory, can actually speak.

Somehow, there seemed an element of embarrassment in addressing on equal terms a domestic cat…

“What do you think of human intelligence?” Asked Mavis Pellington lamely.

“Of whose intelligence in particular?” Asked Tobermory coldly.

“Oh well, mine for instance,” Said Mavis with a feeble laugh.

“You put me in an embarrassing position,” said Tobermory, whose tone and attitude certainly did not suggest a shred of embarrassment. “When your inclusion in this house party was suggested Sir Wilfrid protested that you were the most brainless woman of his acquaintance, and that there was a wide distinction between hospitality and the care of the feeble-minded. Lady Blemley replied that your lack of brain power was the precise quality which had earned you your invitation, as you were the only person she could think of who might be idiotic enough to buy their old car. You know, the one they call ‘The Envy of Sisyphus’, because it goes quite nicely up-hill, if you push it.”


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The Cyborg

With your weary knees you crawl undetected into the labyrinth of lust; constantly rear viewing your surroundings to gnaw at all of humanity’s innocence-at birth we had no regard for you and we thrived in pure happiness as we simply mesmerized at all that the new world had to offer us. The beautiful vegetation, the sidewinding ability of a serpent, the length of a giraffe’s neck, the viscosity of tar, the sudden appearance, depth and re-camouflage of another being’s dimple, the characteristic of a cloud, the mystery of existence and the sensation of a first kiss; these were but the few minuscule aspects that made life a spectacular scenario. Along the way, we built you and you adapted a separate character. You divided us, you ruled us but we are your master and we will overcome your strength (it is only but a matter of reason). You thronged our minds and deceived us to believe that your are of a higher scalar value than the gifted first breath we take in the morning rise. You made us inadvertently classify each other within a world so pure and filled the minds of man with your drunk state to eventually lay adversities upon each other’s land and blood simply in the mission of acquiring your status. We made you and now we seek you; some through the most paradoxical nature of our own being i.e. inhuman. You have complicated an existence so sincere thus so materialistic and watching your tendencies, you intend to eradicate us through our own worship unto you. You broke love, diluted family and created disregard for those who do not walk within your footprint. You have made some lands feel the wrath of not idolizing you and led the trotting living to feed on dust from their second of birth to their reunion with the same dust they feed on and you smile simultaneously as you influence the eminent fornication of mind and property. You are self proclaimed legal tender, leading to the manipulation of terminology to rightfully suit those who dine with you, but as we created you so shall we destroy your stinging grasp and once again dance in the innocence of each other’s company as you shadowily perish within your own ashes never to emulate a phoenix. Your title is Money.

~Eric Sasia

Eric Sasia blogs at ericsasia.wordpress.com