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Philip Walubengo is a lawyer, author, writer, public speaker and development worker. He also fancies himself as an artist. He also dabbles in politics from time to time. He likes to think that he has a sense of humour.

He is the editor and publisher of the blog Walubengo’s Den, whose Facebook page is here:


He is also the editor and publisher of the blog known as The Battousai, his alter ego, whose Facebook page is here:


He is the author of the book:  the Himura Chronicles, whose Facebook page is here:


He is also the editor and compiler of a book known as 500 Amazing Quotes, whose Facebook page is here:


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My fellow human beings, let us call truce with the glory and vastity of the environment we live in. How else do we expect the universe to give us unlimited access to the ethereal; the time warp portals, comprehension of the concurrent time plane itself far from our conventional perception of it, anti-gravity propulsion, our in built DNA mysticism, unfarthomable deep sea life forms and a coexistence with possibly much older, out of our radar, beings. How can we experience all this without the prerequisite intent and form maturity to protect the very natural armor that feeds and concurrently protects us while attempting self rejuvenation of the ongoing damage. Show me another existent system with such supportive elements and I will (without hinder) join you all in the focus on destruction of the environment. Have you ever sighted the angular defying of gravity, wind and all aerodynamically preset laws during the flight of a non computerized insect known as a dragon fly? Why wouldn’t we want to watch over all other complexities of living earth no matter how miniscule in scale and study thus adapt such advancements, and not only for technology based warfare, but aspects such as limitless aero travel, cell regeneration, food delivery systems where scarce and medical urgency? Besides,isn’t it from nature’s library that we have forged instant solutions-also denoted as Biomimetics, such as the winglet on our aircraft to tackle the drag phenomena, the amphibious vehicle, strong bond adhesives from gecko feet, hemispherical cameras from the bug’s eyes, robotic arms from the elephant’s trunk, bullet trains from the kingfisher’s beak, navigation for the blind from the bat’s sonar, pressure resistant materials from the deer’s antlers, reduction in fluid based drag from shark skin, wide angle cameras from our own eyes, velcro from the burrs of plants that stick to dog hair, full color display screens from butterfly wings and the list evergrows.



Let us call truce with each other. How can we happily worship monetary status, acquisition and wealth amassment beyond the scale of losing the basics of caring for and loving each other prior to this euphoric savagery? Isn’t there a constant reflection in most, if not all of us touching on the realization that those graced with the titles of being great founders and maintainers of civilizations and cultures throughout recorded history, the inventors, innovators, peace makers, humanitarians, medical and technological trendsetters have mostly been motivated by other long term factors such as inefficiency, corruption, insecurity, poverty, improper medical facilities, compassion, the need to solve communal challenges-adverse situations of which the causation is easily traced to the creation of societal strata forged by the misconceived pegging of success, resources and availability of justice on the monetary classification of individuals thereby cultures thus on a larger scale countries due to the boundary based enclosure and classification of global states. Why would we after so much thirst, quest for and final obtaining of information, education, and knowledge; go ahead and give money such personification surpassing our overall regard for each other? How, where and with whom do we even intend to finally enjoy the long searched for legal tender when we can’t create mere care slots for those who surround our daily lives?

My fellow ones, let us call truce with our founding fathers and mothers. While we leisurely travel to the majestic Lalibela church of Ethiopia, the historical sites of the Hopi Indians of the Americas, the cliff grave sites of Indonesia, the cultural diversity of the Dogan tribe of Mali, the Nazca lines of Peru, the library of ancient artifacts of China, Mt Kilimanjaro (being the world’s highest freestanding mountain)’s snowcap, the salt content of Djibouti’s Red Sea, the architecture and mysticism of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge of England, the Grand Canyon of the U.S and the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, the Cape of Good Hope of South Africa, the forest Gorillas of Uganda, the intricacy of cave paintings of the Lascaux Cave of France, the religious storage of India, the musical, medical and engineering breakthroughs of Germany, the Swiss Alps, the coffee of Brazil, the dynamics of the Maldives Islands, the mystics of the depths of the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean, the volcanicity of earthly mounds and the venomousness of the Sea Wasp of Australia and Guinea’s shores, let us always keep in mind that without the fore founders’ highest regard for our environment these would all currently be fantasia based travels and feats.

Despite the desperate situation involved, there doesn’t exist a worthless life form so there is room to start a fresh as we live in a world that is readily available to work with us and restore itself when we are ready to reciprocate the effort. To all those who take time away to better the situation at hand, I assure you that I feel, partake in and appreciate your dedication no matter how trivial to the eyes of others. Via the Hartmann’s Grid system, every input we feed the world so do we receive feedback. It is the hour of man to manipulate a positive butterfly effect and reap the immense benefits of a happy universe. It is the age of Scorpio-the adage BETTER LATE THAN NEVER applies.

By Eric Sasia




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Terror is the ultimate way to paralyse a people’s will and destroy their ability to plan a strategic response. Such power is gained through sporadic acts of violencethat create a constant feeling of threat, incubating fear which spreads throughout the public sphere. The goal in a terror campaign is not battlefield victory but provoking maximumchaos and prodding the other side into desperate over reaction. Melting invisibly into the population, tailoring their actions for the mass media, the strategists of terror create the illusion that they are everywhere and therefore far more powerful thantheyactually are. It is a war of nerves. The victims of terror must not succumb to fear or even anger; to plot the most effective counter strategies, they must stay balanced. In the face of a terror campaign, one’s rationality is the last line of defense.

Ergo, as a country we need not fear the so called Al Shabaab or whatever banner they appear under. We should go on with our daily lives, go to the movies, parks and all that.
Importantly, as a country we should not target just one ethnic group or religion in the guise of fighting terrorism. One: That would be playing into the terrorists’ hand. Xenophobia is not a Kenyan trait and we should avoid it by all means. Two: It helps to radicalize moderate Muslims in Kenya and world over whom now want would to offer more support to Al Shabaab.
Let us think before we react, and really think well. We also need to be prepared in whichever way we can. I also believe that more Muslim leaders should come out and condemn these heinous acts carried out by people who want to soil the name of Islam. And also find out what is going in their mosques.

Finally we need to take out these terrorists. I don’t believe that Somalia is that big. We need to cut off the head of the snake. Our Special Forces are well able and are trained for this kind of situation, where precision, accuracy and speed are needed; I also have faith in our armed forces. We could also just bomb the shit out of that country, or we colonise it, and annex it and make it a part of Kenya – Russia seems to be setting a good precedent in the Crimea. Hehe.

Anyway, stay strong. Cheers.




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Monday 16th January and a vast emptiness grows inside; a stubborn undiscovered fungi thriving inside me – this isn’t a matter of the heart or brain, this is deeper. This is a constant vexing of the soul that inhibits my previous longing to go to bed when everyone else becomes one with their rest sanctuary. I want to quickly turn to the bottle for memory erasing but what is life if it’s purposefully damaged so I turn to my secret place to let go of my own being. I lie down and slowly lift to the skies (this is non-monetary travel but costly to the brain in terms of concentration). I shut my eyes and my body levitates off the ground and off our home planet and past the moon into a zone only lit by stars and characteristic of water planets groomed with vegetation. There is a very distant sound here, one close to that of a small underwater ripple – no creatures (human nor animal). I lay down on the blue grass on planet Xtor and its coziness is next to nothing humanity encounters. The grass moves up and down and sideways in sync with my inner vibrations, it is one with me on immediate contact. It soothes and speaks a language of no sound – it calms, resets the mind, replenishes the soul and recreates and regenerates the strong points of my being but there is no skin here. I am in a liquid form and free to change state and move as intended – the true definition of free will exists here. There are no predefined climatic states here, no technology, no bills, no legal tender, no products, no lack of ease thus disease. The grass gradually conveys me to a higher point on Xtor and I see other planets in the horizon – planets i’ve previously had the pleasure to visit and all characteristic on their own (all is linked in this eternity). There’s a light breeze here, a slight scent of rain when it first touches earth. I see many stars but not in the sky, there’s a nebula in the centre of every planet here and the stars are born with every passing instant though time doesn’t exist here. I walk into a nebula and experience the powerful but silent birth of stars. There is a vast spectrum of color and a constant merging of various gases then the final release and levitation of a star but these stars stay on Xtor and a touch of one gives me a different feel depending on its color but all are calm and glow very light in luminescence. 

I realize that the stars we see in the night sky from earth are within the different planets but we inhibit ourselves from seeing the outer lining of the planet itself as this exists in harmony with our well being – our completely open being to accept the dimensions existent around us. We must accept ourselves as a convergence of limitless vibrational segments to experience such realities. Everyone is unique as are the stars born in the different nebulae on these planets. Everyone is a star in their own right. I then make my journey back to earth and this time (for the first time), take a break to look at our planet from the outside in and it is as amazing as Xtor and the others are, atleast was. It is a sibling to the rest and it is one place we need to love before we even love another being. I see a large hole in the centre of earth, it is a dead nebula – sad and longing for affection, it saved one spark at the bottom of the pit which if treated well in unison with all that nature gives, will reignite the birth process and we wouldn’t have to take long trips to experience harmony rather variety. I slide down the spiral cortex to Earth and land home where I immediately water my two plants – they were a gift from Xtor; a passageway to the side that constantly reminds me of how beautiful everything was, is and can continue being. The plants were named November 13th and April 3rd by the blue grass on Xtor.

 ~ Eric Sasia


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THE HIMURA CHRONCLES: Deciding versus Wanting


 One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard goes something like this: If you want success, figure out the price and then pay it. It sounds trivial and obvious, but if you unpack the idea it has extraordinary power.

I know a lot of people who wish they were rich or famous or otherwise fabulous. They wish they had yachts, private jets and full time servants, own nightclubs, castles/mansions etc. But these are mere wishes. Few of any these wishful people have decided to have any things of things they wish for. It’s a key difference, for once you decide, you take action. Wishing starts in the mind and generally stays there. When you decide to be successful in a big way, it means you acknowledge the price and are willing to pay it. And I’m not talking about human sacrifice, free masonry or the Illuminati which various conspiracy theorists keep rambling on about.

The price might be to sacrifice your partying lifestyle so as to get better grades in school, pursuing a course in college or university that is dead boring but is lucrative will help get you where you want to be. Or buying a Play Station so that you can spend more time in the house rather than going out drinking throughout and wasting money. Perhaps at times you will have to miss out on spending time with family because you really want a better future for them. Taking risks in business that might put you in jeopardy for embarrassment, divorce or bankruptcy. Successful people don’t wish for success. They decide they want success. And to achieve this effectively they need a system. Success always has a price, but the the reality is that the price is negotiable. If you pick the right system, the price will be a lot nearer to what you’re willing to pay.

I can’t change the fact that success requires hard work like crazy, but more important is working smart while working hard. But if you learn the power of systems over goals, it might lower the price of success to make it worth a go. And remember it is lonely at the top. As Paulo Coelho calls it: “The Winner Stands Alone.” It might be true, but you if going for success your thing, keep at it. 

Thing is you are far more able to be what you currently believe you can be.

So are you a wisher or a decider? Ponder that.